11:44 AM 6/13/2017

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The Early Edition: June 13, 2017 | Just Security

Sessions and his Testimony

Sessions – Google Search
Attorney General Sessions Set Respond Comey | Video | C-SPAN.org
Senate Intel Committee holds last minute meeting with NSA before Jeff Sessions testimony – Palmer Report
AG Sessions to Testify Before Senate Committee Probing Trump Campaign’s Russia Ties
Sessions’ loyalty to Trump will be…
Jeff Sessions is a coward – Palmer Report
Sessions’s Senate Testimony: How to Watch and What to Expect – The New York Times
Sessions to face sharp questions on…
Things to Know About Jeff Sessions on Day of Senate Hearing

Mueller under Fire?

Friend Says Trump Is Considering Firing Mueller as Special Counsel – The New York Times
“Mass hysteria” inside White House as Donald Trump considers trying to fire Robert Mueller – Palmer Report
mueller – Google Search
Trump Is Flirting with Another…
Expert: Donald Trump may be trying to get himself impeached by targeting Robert Mueller – Palmer Report
Conservative David Frum: If Trump fires Mueller he should write ‘I’m super guilty’ in the sky over the White House
Trump Friend Says President Weighing Firing Counsel Probing Russia Ties
Can the president fire special counsel Robert Mueller? (And then what?) – The Washington Post
Today: Mueller Under Fire, Sessions Under Oath – LA Times
Trump supporters turn on special…
Collins: Firing Mueller would be a ‘disaster’ – YouTube
Friend Says Trump Is Considering Firing Mueller as Special Counsel – The New York Times
TheUnion local.com | TheUnion.com

Trump as Brezhnev: Cabinet Meeting

trump cabinet meeting – Google Search
Trump Is a Mobster President | New Republic
(44) Совещание кабинета Трампа стало объектом насмешек – YouTube
Mike Nova on Twitter: “Donald is not just first American Mobster President. He is the first Secretary General of America, Inc.! https://t.co/QRMlglen3Y.”
Mike Nova on Twitter: “Donald is morphing into Brezhnev! Maybe, he was programmed years ago?! Ah?!”
(44) Trump: ‘I love getting even with people’ – YouTube
(132,381/58) NewsBlur
What stops Republicans from behaving rationally – The Washington Post
The current American project seems to be privatizing totalitarianism – The Washington Post

Russia Sanctions in the Senate

russia sanctions – Google Search
New Bipartisan Sanctions Would Punish Russia for Election Meddling – The New York Times
Senators strike comprehensive deal to increase Russia sanctions – The Washington Post
Senate Strikes Deal on Russia Sanctions, Stripping Power From Trump – NBC News
Senate reaches deal on Russia sanctions | TheHill
U.S. Senators Reach Bipartisan Deal On Bill To Increase Sanctions On Russia
US senators reach deal to stop White House easing Russia sanctions without approval | US news | The Guardian
Tough new sanctions on Russia agreed…
Horsey: Trump’s big crime: Ignoring Russia’s assault on US elections – Google Search
Top Armed Services Dem to propose bill to address Russian aggression | TheHill
US Senators Back Legislation Strengthening Russia Sanctions
New Bipartisan Sanctions Would Punish Russia for Election Meddling – The New York Times
Senate Draws Up Bill to Impose More Sanctions on Russia | Fox Business
Senate leaders reached a bipartisan…
Russian Cyber Hacks on U.S. Electoral System Far Wider Than Previously Known – Bloomberg

Russia News

Russia – Google Search
The Daily Vertical: One Man’s Terrorist…
Путин: США загнали себя в ловушку идеей о собственной исключительности – «Life.ru» — информационный портал
Mattis: No Indication Russia Wants Positive Relationship With US
Russian Police Detain Hundreds at Corruption Protest on National Day
The Shadow of Stalin Hangs Over Russian Anti-Putin Protests
Пресса Британии: Путин предает российскую молодежь – BBC Русская служба
“Как я заснул под беседу Оливера…
Oliver Stone Doubles Down on Putin…
The Putin Interviews review – first Oliver Stone loses. Then the gloves come off | Television & radio | The Guardian
Навального арестовали на 30 суток / Новости – YouTube
“Как я заснул под беседу Оливера…


kislyak – Google Search
Russian ambassador hosted Washington insiders, diplomats at embassy | TheHill

Other News

Is Comey frenzy a distraction? Six questions about U.S. strategy and growing threats in the Middle East | Fox News
Not against any religion, it’s about national security: US on visa ban | Latest News & Updates at Daily News & Analysis
Liveblog: Rod Rosenstein Testifies Before Senate Appropriations Subcommittee – Lawfare
Syrian army advances west of Raqqa: Hezbollah military media unit | Reuters
Food poisoning sickens hundreds at camp for displaced people – YouTube
Iraq: Mass Food Poisoning, 2 Die at Mosul Camp for Displaced
(44) Several wounded by shots at German rail station, man detained – YouTube
Shooting at Munich, Germany, Train Station After Cop’s Gun Is Grabbed – NBC News
(44) Life Inside Kerobokan – YouTube


Mattis – Google Search
Mattis slams Congress for…
Defense chief ‘shocked’ by poor state of US combat readiness – U.S. – Stripes
Mattis is “Shocked” by U.S. Military Readiness Crisis | The National Interest Blog
Mattis: ‘Shocked’ by Poor State of Military’s Readiness
Mattis: North Korea has ramped up missile, nuclear programs
Kim Jong-Un’s North Korea poses most urgent threat to international security: Pentagon chief Mattis

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